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TA: Fundamentals of Acoustics

Undergraduate and Graduate course, Physics, Nanjing University, 2018

This course introduces the fundamentals of acoustics, it starts with acoustics/electro-mechanical analogies and then discuss the propagation, absorption, reflection, radiation and scattering of sound waves.

TA: ECE 241: Signals (Fall 2018)

Undergraduate course, ECE, University of Rochester, 2018

This course provides the mathematical foundations for the representation, processing, analysis, and reproduction of signals and of the systems and algorithms used to process these. The course is intended for junior/senior undergraduate level students in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

TA: ECE 277/477 Computer Audition (Fall 2019)

Undergraduate and Graduate course, ECE, University of Rochester, 2019

This course is a graduate course (cross listed for senior undergrads) covering current research in the field. The class starts with a brief review of signal processing techniques, then introduces auditory models, audio features, and audio modeling methods. Recent advances in state-of-the-art research topics including multi-pitch analysis, source separation, source localization, instrument identification then follow.

TA: ECE 272/472: Audio Signal Processing (Spring 2019)

Undergraduate and Graduate course, ECE, University of Rochester, 2019

This course is a survey of audio digital signal processing fundamentals and applications. Topics include sampling and quantization, analog to digital converters, time and frequency domains, spectral analysis, vocoding, digital filters, audio effects, music audio analysis and synthesis, and other advanced topics in audio signal processing. Implementation of algorithms using Matlab and dedicated DSP platforms is emphasized.